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Hands on a globeIn The Responsive University (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999), William Tierney and colleagues offer suggestions on ways in which those in higher education can help develop more inclusive and multicultural learning communities. One piece of advice was that, rather than speaking for students, those with power ought to use it to help assure spaces in which authentic voices can be heard.

Over the years I have come to understand that I have some degree of power, both unearned and earned, from a variety of sources. I’ve tried to be mindful of the importance of using that resource to make spaces for voices, and that is why this page is entitled “Blog” as opposed to “My Blog.”

I’m truly blessed in my life to interact with an incredible array of colleagues, friends, students, and others. Their experiences and insights reflect the richness of the human experience. My hope is that this forum will be a space for their voices as well as mine.

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be adding links to blogs/web sites of my colleagues and friends as well as for complete strangers when it seems like the right idea.

Feel free to be in touch if you would like to be included..img@.img



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